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The rain sensor icon as shown in the picture will come on after enough rain has been received. There is a small cork in the sensor that gets wet after a rain and once dry while automatically activate the irrigation system to come on at the next scheduled run time.
There can be multiple factors for this. If you are only having one area in your yard sprayed (front vs back yard) and using the same mower for both can cause you to transfer seeds from the weeds, your neighbor’s yard has weeds and doesn’t have it treated (the seeds can migrate to your yard via wind and rain) or a rainy season. It takes a full year on the program to have all the weeds die off.
We offered two different types of warranties. Our irrigation warranty states that we warranty all parts put in by Sanford Turf excluding backflow/pump for one year. Excludes negligence, acts of God (lightning/severe weather/extreme temperatures, etc.), vandalism (head run over by lawn mower, etc). We provide the manual and website for information regarding how to operate your new system. The system is programmed and all heads adjusted for adequate spraying prior to completion. Any further adjustments needed are billable as a service call. Please note settling may occur at trench sites. We take every effort to pack dirt back in appropriately and further trench repair requested will be billable. The Hunter products we use do come with a manufacturer’s warranty depending on the part. Our landscape warranty states that we exercise care to use the best plant material, sod and seed that are available. We warranty landscape installed by Sanford Turf for one growing season ONLY if permanent irrigation has been installed by Sanford Turf excludes cool season grasses when laid from mid-May to mid-September (due to extreme temperatures). Owner shall be responsible for his/her landscaping if another company/person maintains maintenance of any kind on the yard. Warranty is voided if any chemicals or landscape products are applied to yard by anyone other than Sanford Turf.
A manual is provided with any new controller however you can visit www.hunterindustries.com to find helpful tips on how to adjust or change all products we install. Click the Support tab on the website.

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