Specializing in the installation and maintenance of irrigation systems, full lawn cares services and landscaping
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Daniel has great insight on landscaping and sod choices. We also work with other nurseries to collaborate on a good fit for your lawn depending on sun/shade tolerance.

A beautiful landscape is a huge curb appeal to your house and property.  We can help!  We work with several different nurseries around the area to pick the best shrubs/plants for your lawn based on sunlight and shade tolerance.  Daniel has great insight on the layout of your landscape and together we can make it magnificent!
We install multiple types of sod that can come in either rolls or squares depending on the area of coverage.  Fescue, a cool season grass, we recommend laying in early spring or fall due to the extreme temperatures of the summer in this area.  Zoysia, Bermuda and Centipede, warm season grasses, can be laid just about any time however we recommend close monitoring to insure adequate watering and overall health of the lawn.  Great resources for you to help maintain your lawn are www.supersod.com (click DIY tab then Lawn Maintenance Guide) and www.turffiles.ncsu.edu  (click on Turf Management).


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